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The Wood Lab is recruiting! I'm looking for new members interested in the evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of species interactions, primarily between plants and microbes. Potential projects could use greenhouse & field experiments, fieldwork in wild populations, and/or genomics & transcriptomics to address questions related to this general theme.


I'm especially excited to recruit intellectually curious and motivated people who will make a positive contribution to our lab and department community. We welcome people of all backgrounds.


I'm always looking for motivated undergrads who are interested in contributing to science and gaining research experience in the process. Opportunities in the lab range from volunteering to conducting independent research projects under the mentorship of a senior lab member.  

If you're interested, please send me a short email explaining why you want to work in the lab, along with your resume / CV and an unofficial copy of your transcript. 

Medicago lupulina

Atlas des plantes de France (1891)

Graduate students

I'm looking for PhD students! To start a conversation about potential projects, please email me a brief description of your research interests, past research experience, and your CV. See the Department of Biological Science's website for more information about our graduate program and how to apply.


I'm looking for a post-doc to study the evolutionary ecology and ecological genetics of conflict between mutualism and parasitism in the legume root microbiome. Please email me to discuss potential projects that would be a good fit for your interests and career goals. I have some ideas, but there is flexibility to develop your own research questions as well. 


In your email, include a brief description of your current research interests and goals for your postdoc, your dissertation research, and your CV. 

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