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We're always looking for new colleagues who are curious, creative, & kind, and who will make a positive contribution to our lab and department community. We welcome folks of all backgrounds.

Projects in the lab explore the evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of species interactions, primarily between plants and microbes. We draw on a variety of approaches — greenhouse experiments, fieldwork in wild populations, and genomics — to address questions related to this general theme.

Current members


Corlett Wolfe Wood

Principal Investigator

Corlett is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an evolutionary biologist interested in the evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of species interactions. Her current work focuses on the ecology, evolution, and genetics of tradeoffs in the plant microbiome.

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corlett [at]


Emile Gluck-Thaler

Post-doctoral Researcher

Emile is a postdoc in the Wood lab interested in the evolutionary and environmental determinants of adaptation. His PhD training was in plant pathology and fungal genomics. He is now investigating how genetic constraints give rise to ecological trade-offs and how such trade-offs in turn impact genome evolution.

emilegt [at]


Samantha Catella

Post-doctoral Researcher (co-supervised with Dr. Sara Kuebbing)

Samantha is a plant community ecologist fascinated by the many processes that contribute to observed patterns in nature, and how they interact. Using a combined theoretical and empirical approach, her research in the Wood and Kuebbing labs will investigate how plant-soil feedbacks between legumes, rhizobia, and nematodes mediate competitive outcomes during non-native plant invasions.

sac313 [at]                


McCall Calvert

PhD Student

Mac completed his Master’s at the University of Colorado Denver where he investigated the genomic basis of rapid seasonal adaptation in apple maggot flies. In the Wood lab, he is interested in studying the influence of microbial symbiont diversity on host fitness and how those relationships feedback to structure communities and ecosystems.

calvm [at]


Eunnuri Yi

Lab Manager & Technician

Nuri is the Wood lab’s technician. As an undergraduate at Cornell, she worked on research in chemical ecology with goldenrod, root aphids, and the push-pull agricultural system. She is primarily interested in below-ground interactions, ecology and evolutionary genetics, and broader questions of philosophy and method in science.

eunnuri [at]

Lab alumni

Postdocs, grad students, & techs


Lauren Kerwien

Lab Manager



Steven Cassidy

Lab Manager


Undergraduate researchers


Audrey Burr



Luisa Cusick



Shaniya Markalanda



Ana Melero Pardo



Pooja Jacob



Kamron Woods



Connor McFadden



Kristi Rozum



Grad students & post-docs

To start a conversation about potential projects, please send Corlett a brief email with a description of your past research experience, your potential research interests and goals in the Wood Lab, and your CV. 


To learn more about Penn's graduate program in biology and how to apply, visit


Previous research experience is NOT REQUIRED!  Opportunities in the lab range from paid jobs (e.g., work study) to independent research projects under the mentorship of a senior lab member.  


If you're interested, please send Corlett a short email explaining why you want to work in the lab, along with your resume and an unofficial copy of your transcript.