Meet our lab group in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Corlett Wolfe Wood

Principal Investigator

Corlett is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. She is an evolutionary biologist interested in the ecology and genetics of evolutionary constraint. Her current work focuses on the ecology, evolution, and genetics of tradeoffs in the plant microbiome.

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Lauren Kerwien

Lab Manager

Lauren is a research assistant for the Wood Lab at the University of Pittsburgh.  As an undergrad at the University of Vermont, she studied where a potassium deficiency affects the nodulation pathway in the Medicago-Sinorhizobium symbiosis.  She is interested in how plant-microbe interactions affect overall plant health.

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Emile Gluck-Thaler

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Emile is a postdoc in the Wood lab at the University of Pittsburgh interested in the evolutionary and environmental determinants of adaptation. His PhD training was in plant pathology and fungal genomics. He is now investigating how genetic constraints give rise to ecological trade-offs and how such trade-offs in turn impact genome evolution.

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Samantha Catella

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Samantha is a plant community ecologist fascinated by the many processes that contribute to observed patterns in nature, and how they interact. Using a combined theoretical and empirical approach, her research in the Wood and Kuebbing labs will investigate how plant-soil feedbacks between legumes, rhizobia, and nematodes mediate competitive outcomes during non-native plant invasions.

McCall Calvert

Graduate Student

Mac is a first year PhD student in the Wood Lab. He recently completed his Master’s at the University of Colorado Denver where he investigated the genomic basis of rapid seasonal adaptation in apple maggot flies. In the Wood lab, he is interested in studying the influence of microbial symbiont diversity on host fitness and how those relationships feedback to structure communities and ecosystems.

Undergraduate Researchers

Audrey Burr

Audrey is currently earning a biological sciences degree with a minor in chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. She is interested in microbe-host interactions as well as microbial evolution.

Connor J. McFadden

Connor is a biology major with a minor in chemistry on a pre-med track. He works as a field assistant looking at how the microbiome influences plant performance and underground interactions.

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Shaniya Markalanda

Shaniya is a biology major interested a range of research. She works as a field assistant looking at how nematode parasitism affects wild populations of legumes

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Naomi Pooja Jacob

Pooja is a duel biology and Anthropology major interested in evolution and wildlife biology. She is working with both the Wood Lab and Turcotte Lab to optimize DNA extraction and amplification.

Ana Melero Pardo

Ana is a biology major with a minor in Spanish on a pre-med track. She is interested in comparing parasite susceptibility between polyploid and diploid plants and its effect on biomass. 

Lab Alumni

Kristi Rozum

B.S.Environmental Science 2019

Steven Cassidy

University of Florida PhD Student

Kamron Woods

Undergraduate Class of 2022